Five Things You Can Get For Free Right Now!

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Who does not like free stuff? Few bucks from your old jeans, discount coupons or getting a gift these are things which give us greatest joy. Simply unparalleled!
On the flipside, these joys are scarce and limited because no one wants to simply offer you freebies.

We know you love freebies, so we decided to dig up the internet and find out things you can get for FREE RIGHT NOW!! Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.


Few things match up to the joy of relaxing in the comfort of your pajamas, sipping a hot cup of coffee and reading your favourite book. Here is how you can get yourself books without spending a penny. Yes, you read it right – FREE

Step 1: Launch Google Play Store

Five Things You Can Get For Free Right Now!

Step 2: Go to Books Tab.

Five Things You Can Get For Free Right Now!

Step 3: On the top left corner you will notice a tab ” Top Free”.

Five Things You Can Get For Free Right Now!

Go through the collections of free Books, Audiobooks and Comics and get lost in the book.

“On Google Books or on your Kindle you can get public domain books (which covers a lot of the classics you should be reading) for free!”

Samples catered to you

There are brands out there which give away free samples in return for feedback or review or as simple as a social media post. If you live in India, websites like Grabon, FreeKaMaal, FreeStuffIndia keeps updating freebies on their website. All you need to follow the link on these websites and the company will send you a sample tailored to you. In a few days, a free sample will be at your doorstep.

Free Education

So you want to study abroad but your finances are restricting you from pursuing your dream course abroad? We have got a solution for you. Germany, France, and Nordic Countries offer free education irrespective of nationality.

Yes, you heard it right – completely free education. All you need to do is do a few searches online and find the university and country you want to study in. Send your complete education history and the required documents upon verifying eligibility you will be flying high on your career path.

Studying Online

Do you need help with your studies but high tuition fees are keeping you in two minds? We have got a perfect solution for you.
The Internet is a boon for those who want to make productive use out of it. Thanks to the big-hearted teachers, Youtube channels and websites like ExamFear, KhanAcademy, Unacademy, and Coursera offer free of cost quality education. ExamFear and Khan Academy run by Roshini Mukherjee and Salman Khan caters to the need of school and High school students. On the other hand, They offer professional certificates on completing the courses available on it.

Five Things You Can Get For Free Right Now! So, what are you waiting for? Education is just a few clicks away and most importantly FREE!

Blogs (Websites)

If you love writing as we do then yes you are reading the right piece of information. Creating your own blogs does not even cost a penny. Website services like WordPress, Wix allows you to create your own digital presence and that too completely free of cost. All it needs is a few clicks and you will be all set to share your thoughts with the whole world. The best part about is it will give you ample opportunities to earn big bucks for your talent.

Five Things You Can Get For Free Right Now! Five Things You Can Get For Free Right Now!

So what are you waiting for? These freebies are waiting for you to take over.
Go, grab them now! 

Comment below if you want a part 2 of this blog.!

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