food apps in india

Food Apps in India you must try

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Food apps in india
If you are a foodie and love trying out food from various places in your city then why not order food online? Find your favourite restaurant or your favourite dish on the food apps in India which will get the food delivered at your home.

Sometimes we crave for some food items but feel lazy to get out of the house or sometimes when people visit us and we cannot go out to get something then this is the best time to use any of the food apps to get our work done.

Here is a list of food apps in India that deliver food at the comfort of your home.


Food apps in india

Swiggy offers food from various restaurants, cafes, bakeries near to your home. if any restaurant is far from your place, you will have to pay little extra delivery charges. You can search for a restaurant or a dish you want to order.
It provides various offers, you can avail the offers once you add items in the cart and you can choose to pay from different payment methods. You can even order simultaneously from different places. Swiggy offers a few food items which are only available on swiggy and nowhere else.

The delivery time in swiggy varies from 20-40 mins depending on the distance, weather, and traffic. This is one of the best food apps in India.
If you need any help you have a special help provided for your order, just chat or call your swiggy executive to resolve the issue. Also, rate your food and the delivery executive after the food reaches you.
Swiggy offers a special scheme called “swiggy super” where you will have to pay 1 month or 3 months fee to get free delivery, No surge fee and exclusive offers on orders above Rs.99


food apps in india
Zomato also offers numerous dishes and restaurants to order food from. you can add your location and search for food items or the restaurant from where you want to order food. it provides various offers for new and old users-add the items in your cart and apply the coupon to avail the offer. The delivery time will vary according to the distance, weather, and traffic. it mostly reaches you from 20 mins to 50 mins.

Zomato not just lets you order food online but it also shows you the list of restaurants in your city. You can check out the menu and places that can be visited according to your likes. Various food bloggers and people visiting or ordering food online from a place can give a review and you can check out the specialties of the restaurants and also the ratings.

Zomato has recently added a pickup option which allows you to order your food from home and go pick it up when the food is ready.

Zomato has a special scheme known as “Zomato Gold”, you can buy a full membership which costs around 1200 per year or you can buy only the weekend membership which costs around 500 per year. Having zomato gold will let you enjoy special perks. You can use your zomato gold in a lot of restaurants to get a free dish or 2.


food apps in india
Ubereats is one of the newest food apps, You can find various restaurants on ubereats the delivery time is similar to the other apps. Ubereats also provides special offers to give u great deals for ordering food from them.
You can see your past orders and reorder them.
It also gives you a special code that you can share it with your friends and they will get Rs.50 off from their orders. Ubereats doesn’t provide any such offers like zomato gold or swiggy super yet but it may come up with its own special offers in the near future.


food apps in india
Foodpanda lets you see and order food from various restaurants near your area. It provides various discounts on different dishes and restaurants.
Choose your favourite dish or restaurant and order food online. The delivery time is similar to all the other apps. Foodpanda also doesn’t have any special schemes like swiggy and zomato yet.

food apps in india
These are the most popular food apps in India. Next time you are hungry and do not want to get out of your house to try one of these apps to get your food delivered at home. You can choose from various payment options. Check out the review for these food apps.

If you want to get discounts on any of these apps then search for coupons online and try out different coupons before checking out. Just search for coupons codes on google and apply to get great discounts. You can find coupons from or


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