Romantic gift ideas when you are broke

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Thinking about Romantic gift ideas for your loved ones when you do not have enough money is really hard at times. “Can you get inexpensive gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend?” is always a question when you are broke.  Well, the answer to this is Yes, why not. As there is a saying that “Money doesn’t buy happiness”, you can still make your partner happy by gifting something special that doesn’t require a lot of money. Cute small gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend will make them feel loved and wanted.
Here are a few cheap and romantic gift ideas for a guy or a girl you love that can make them happy and they’ll surely love you more. [also Read Hairstyles for Girls to try on Valentine’s day]

Scrapbook Making

Make a scrapbook for your love, this will be a very special and romantic gift. Paste pictures of your most memorable times together and write your thoughts about those times. Paste pictures of your partner and write down the things you love about him/her.
Your words and pictures will surely make them feel special.
You do not have to buy a pricey scrapbook to make your gift special. Buy a basic scrapbook and decorate it by yourself. You can decorate it with any type of decorating chart paper and a few stickers. Pictures will not cost you much either.
If you are a noob at this then google for some scrapbook ideas or romantic scrap-booking ideas or relationship scrapbook examples to get some idea about how to make a cute romantic scrapbook for your bae.
Cost: A basic Scrapbook will cost around Rs.40-Rs.80
Decorating chart paper and stickers will cost around Rs.10-Rs.20 each
Each picture will cost you around Rs.3-Rs.5

Wish jar/Love jar

Take a jar and fill it full with chits having short love messages written on it. You can write things about your lovely moments together in the past or your future wishes on how you want to spend time together. you can write some fun dares and also sweet love messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend to make them feel special, happy and wanted.
For this romantic gift, all you need is a few color papers and 2-3 different colored pens and a jar. You do not have to buy a jar. you can use any jar or a box from your home.
Cost: Each color paper costs around a Rupee or 2. 2-3 A4 size papers will be enough.
glitter pens or colored pens cost Rs. 10 each.
And a jar may cost you around Rs.100-Rs.150 or free if you use any jar or box from your home.

Handmade Cards

Handmade romantic gift(s) are always the best as it shows your love towards the person. Learn to make a nice greeting card from youtube or search “how to make handmade greeting cards” from Google and yes, do not copy and paste thoughts and wishes from google, write down your own thoughts and feelings for your girlfriend or boyfriend. write your heart out to make your BAE feel your love through the card.
All you need is a Chart paper, a pair of scissors, few stickers, Glue stick and 1-2 glitter/colored pens.
Cost: Chart paper costs around Rs.10-Rs.30
Stickers will cost around Rs.10-Rs.30 for a pack.
glitter/colored pens will cost around Rs.10
a glue stick will also cost around Rs.10

Romantic Love Poems and Songs

If you are good at writing and expressing your feelings then the best thing to do would be to write a romantic Love poem or a Love song for your BAE.
write down cute things to say to your girlfriend or boyfriend in the best way you can, also record the poem or the song in your voice with some romantic background music. This will be an exceptional gift for your partner and will remain with him/her for the rest of their lives.
This will not cost you a single penny just your precious time will be required.
Just make sure to take time and write it with all your heart. Do your best effort to make your bae happy.

Make a video:

You can make a video for your bae in two ways. first one would be to make image video-just your bae’s pictures and some lovely lines for them with their favourite song or a song which you would like to dedicate for your sweetheart. Second one would be your pictures together with each other telling the love story of you guys, this will be special for both of you and close to your heart.
This also will not require a single penny just your precious time for your precious one. You can use an online video editor or a video creator to make your videos easily.

Gift Basket

Finally, if you can make all the above romantic gift(s) for your BAE then you can get a nice basket and decorate it with a unique theme in your mind and keep the Scrapbook, Wish/Love jar, Handmade card and your special poem or song in a nice paper. you can also add a few chocolates and roses/flowers in your basket. Gift basket will not cost you much, you can buy his/her favourite snacks or chocolates which aren’t highly priced and you can pluck flowers from a tree in your colony.
You can lookup for videos and images for decorating your gift basket.

You don’t always need money to make your loved one feel special or to give your BAE happiness. Sometimes all you need to do is to take out some time and give attention to your better half. [ Also read-wedding shopping places in hyderabad ]

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