Trendy Sleeve Designs

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The best way for us to look trendy and fashionable is by including a stylish sleeve design to our dress.

There are various sleeve styles which are trending these days. Sleeves are the most basic element in a dress yet they can manage to change your entire look.

Give your wardrobe a makeover by adding up these trendy sleeve styles to your dresses.

Many of us do not give much importance to the sleeve designs as much as other details of the dress. If you want your dress to outshine and to be perfect, give enough importance to your sleeves. Don’t let the sleeves be the least important detail of your dress.


Here’s a list of 16 lesser known sleeve designs you can include in your outfit.

Leg of a mutton sleeve style:
Sleeve Design

This type of sleeve is puffy and loose (voluminous) at the upper arm and is tight fit from elbow to the wrist. This is an ancient sleeve style but still looks very trendy. It enhances the total look of the dress.

☆ Best suited for- Tops, gowns, dresses

Poet Sleeve:

Sleeve Design

A Long sleeve loosely fitted from the shoulder to the elbow and then flattered dramatically from the elbow to wrist showing ruffles

☆ Best suited for- Tops, Short dresses

Raglan Sleeve:
Raglan Sleeve

These are incredibly comfortable since the cut from the shoulder is loose. They come in all lengths and are popularly used. A Raglan sleeve extends in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone.

☆ Best suited for- T-shirts, tops and bodycon dresses.


Puffed Sleeve:
Sleeve DesignSleeve Design

As the name suggests these sleeves are gathered in a way that makes them look puffy.

☆ Best suited for- Tops, Dresses, blouses & kurta’s

Cap Sleeve:
Sleeve Design

These sleeves are very short which cover the shoulder and not extend below the armpit area. It will make your look a Royal one.

☆ Best suited for- Dresses or Gowns.

off shoulder

These type of sleeves are trending Nowadays. These type of sleeves have an opening near the shoulder area and then a normal sleeve design. The length of this sleeve design can be 3/4th(just below the elbow) or full or till the elbow. The size till the elbow suits the best.

☆ Best suited for- Almost all types of dress types.

Bell sleeve:
bell sleeve dress

bell sleeve dress

A Long sleeve fitted from the shoulder to the elbow and then flared from the elbow till the end.

☆Best suited for- Tops, Blouses, Dresses

Butterfly sleeve:
 butterfly sleeve dress
 butterfly sleeve dress


This sleeve style gives you a butterfly effect.

They start from the shoulder and gets wider towards the end. These sleeves are similar to bell sleeves but shorter. These usually do not go longer than 4-5 inches.

☆ Best suited for- Short dresses, tops or blouses

Bishop Sleeve:

 bishop sleeve

A long sleeve which is gathered into a cuff towards the wrist.

☆ Best suited for- Tops and Dresses.

Angel sleeves:
 angel sleeve dress

angel sleeve dress

Sleeve Design

As the name suggests these sleeves gives the look of the angel wings.

This type of sleeves usually hangs loosely from the shoulder and gives you a great look. It may look different depending on the length of the sleeve.

 Best suited for- Tops, Kurtis and dresses.

Cape sleeves:
 cape sleevescape sleeves dress

Cape sleeves act like an accessory to your dress. They may be sheer or extension to your sleeves.

They can be attached to the dress or even detachable.

Best suited for- dress or gowns.

Batwing sleeve:
 batwing sleeve
batwing sleeve

These sleeves are an exact replica of bat wings. These sleeves come with a deep armhole. This can be left open or tapered towards the wrists so that the wings look visible when you move your hand.

☆Best suited for Dress and tops.

 dolman sleeve dress

A long sleeve very wide at the top and narrow at the wrists. These types of sleeves are looser from the shoulder and are fitted towards the wrists. These are slightly similar to the batwing sleeves.

☆Best suited for: Shirts, tops, kurtas, and dresses.

Kimono sleeves:
 kimono sleeve kimono sleeve

These type of sleeves are wide from the top to bottom giving it a loose effect which is very different from other sleeve styles. These sleeves are similar to Chinese robes.
☆Best suited for: blouses, dresses, and tops.

Juliet sleeve:
Sleeve Design
Sleeve Design

A long tight sleeve which is puffed near the shoulders. It gives an elegant touch to the dress and enhances your look 10 times.

☆Best suited for: Dresses, blouses, and Kurtis.

Tiered sleeves:
 Tiered sleeves

These sleeves give you a bold look. A long sleeve with layered design one below the other. These type of sleeves are mostly loose and puffy.

☆Best suited for- Tops, Dresses, and Kurtis.

Next time don’t just go for a normal sleeve design opt for different designs and make your wardrobe truly unique and fun.

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