Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad

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Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad

Looking for places for your wedding shopping in Hyderabad? Here are a few places you can shop for your wedding from jewelry to dress to decoration & gifts.
You want everything to be perfect for your Wedding-Day so better to do some research before you go shopping. Make a list of things which you want for your wedding ceremony, browse on the internet to find wedding pictures of your interest and save it in one of your folders. It’s always better to have precise/particular ideas of what you want.
Divide the list into different parts. Make a list for Dresses, Jewelry, Gifts, and Decoration separately. This will make things easier for you. You can cross out the items you’ve found and continue the hunt for the remaining items. [also Read Top shopping apps & websites you should try]

Here are the top 5 places where you can shop everything for your wedding.

Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad

Begum Bazaar

This one is a huge market where you can find anything you want. Be it a dress or footwear or jewelry or any other item.
Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad
There are a lot of shops where you can buy jewellery and accessories at very cheap and reasonable prices. Just go near aziz plaza or feel khana  and walk through the market and find unique and interesting products of your choice at very reasonable prices. There are a lot of shops here that sell products at wholesale prices.Wedding Shopping in HyderabadYou can find almost everything in begum bazaar market- gift baskets, decorative items, artificial flowers, makeup, jewellery, footwear, Dresses. This can be a one stop shopping market for you to explore.


If you want to go for clothes shopping in Hyderabad then is the place mainly for dresses-especially bridal lehenga and footwear. You can find latest trending outfits and footwear in this market. This place has a lot of shops for bridal and groom wear and also long lasting footwear collections.

Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad

Most of the shops here maintain high quality products. The price of the product is also based on the quality of that product. So this place is not as reasonable as few other places. But the money will be worth the product. If you want good quality and are able to pay a little extra then go for it.

Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad

You can find a few shops for jewellery and decorations too but this place is mostly famous for its outfit shops and footwear.

Charminar-Laad bazaar

Charminar has a huge market. You can find anything and everything related to your wedding. Find bridal wear and groom’s wear at very reasonable prices. Just walk around  and explore through the market to get the best deals.Wedding Shopping in HyderabadOne of the famous market in charminar is the laad bazaar which mainly focuses on designer bangles/joda sets. You can find really interesting, unique and beautiful bangles here. Charminar shopping in Hyderabad is the most popular one, visitors from all around the country come to shop here.

Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad

You can also find very intricate and interesting jewellery pieces ranging from heavy work to light work. There is a lot of variety to choose from. You can find amazing gifts, decorative items and even wedding cards.
Charminar is also famous for the bridal and grooms wear especially for khada dupatta, bridal lehenga and sherwani. you can find many shops with various varieties. Charminar is a must stop for your wedding shopping in Hyderabad.

Koti-Ram kot-badichowdi

This is also another market where you can find a lot of things needed for your wedding.
Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad
Badichowdi market has small shops across the road which has lots of items at very reasonable prices. You can find gifts and some apparel shops, but you have to be careful as few of the shops here have low quality products which are good for just one-two time usage.

Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad

At koti and ramkot you can find many clothing shops who offer wholesale prices. Go through the shops to find your perfect dress. The quality of the products will depend on the shop you’ve chosen.

Wedding Shopping in Hyderabad

General bazaar

This comes in Secunderabad and this is also a very interesting market for wedding shopping in Hyderabad, you can find variety of products under each category at reasonable prices.
There are a lot of shops for dresses and footwear. Quest in the market to find great products in a very good deal. You can also find creative wedding card designs and also gifts and other decorative items. [ Also Read : Romantic gift ideas when you are broke ]

Few tips for shopping:

  • You cannot shop everything in just 1-2 days. Make enough time for shopping so that you get good deals.
  • Do-not shop for more than two categories in a single day as it may lead to a lot of confusion.
  • There may be a few shops where the price is fixed other than that let out your bargaining skills to get the best deal for your product.
  • Walk around the market well as there are shops which are inside small lanes but provide good products at great price.
  • Lastly do not forget to enjoy your shopping and look the best in your wedding ceremony and click great pictures.


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